Bare Bones Editing Service

Let me flesh out your writing!
BARE BONES EDITING is a freelance editing service. I am not a professional and so will not charge professional rates. I am, however, competent and experienced as an amateur writer/editor and would like to think that my services are on par with professional quality. My writing skills have been honed over more than fifteen years of dedicated practice and study. While working as a print services expert for a major retail chain over the course of the past two years, I often helped customers create written documents for printing and have extensive experience in particular with editing resumes and letters. I am an administrator on Iwaku Roleplay, where I previously managed the site’s writing guides (several of which I have written myself) and have given feedback or advice to members. I have also edited blog articles for Moxie Lifestyle and been a “beta” editor for fanfiction and original fiction from online authors.

I would like nothing more than to help aspiring writers improve their work, bring out their hidden talent, and advance their careers.

Please review my terms before proceeding.

What I will do:

Fanfiction. Fanfic editing may be offered free of charge or at reduced rates depending on the fic in question. Contact me with details.

Original fiction for self-publishing, i.e. on a site such as FictionPress, a personal writing site, or self-published e-press. Fees/methods of payment may vary from my listed rates depending on method of publication.

Erotica. I have no problem editing adult material!

Blog/web articles and newsletters.

Visual novel text or game dialogue for independent games. I would love to be involved in this kind of project, but absolutely must be credited.

What I will NOT do:

Poetry. I will, however, proofread your poetry for grammar and spelling errors free of charge.

Original fiction for major press publication. At present, I do not have the wherewithall to be a major publication editor and I advise you to seek a professional publication editor instead.


Assignments for any level of schooling. If I find that you have used my services for a school essay or writing assignment, I will report the incident to your school and refuse you any future service.

Plagiarized works. If I find that you are submitting someone else’s original text, you will be blacklisted as well.

Any material that I find offensive. I reserve the right to decline any client if I personally object to the content of their work.

Ghostwriting, i.e. writing under your name. While I do not necessarily object to the practice, this is not the type of service I am interested in providing.

What I expect from you:

Be open to criticism and suggestions. I will respect your vision and your work, but in turn I ask that you respect my advice. It is not my intention to be mean or unfair. As your editor, I want to make your work shine. Remember, the final decision is always yours and you may ultimately reject any changes that I make.

Keep in contact. This is not as important for a one-off article or short story job, but for ongoing or long-term works I will need to be able to reach you. If you know that you are going to be unavailable, let me know ahead of time; I will do the same for you. It is up to you whether we communicate solely via email or additionally through Discord/Skype.

Send all manuscripts and drafts as Google Docs or in a compatible file format. If you have difficulties with or limitations concerning certain file types, please inform me.

Be able to make payments via PayPal or Google Wallet. As much as I’d like to offer services otherwise, this is the safest way for me to handle payment.

Choose one of the following services:

FREE or discounted beta services for fanfiction!

Contact me to see if your fanfiction qualifies for FREE beta services or for discounted rates.

$1.00/250 words - Basic copyediting.

I will proofread and edit your material for spelling and grammatical errors or typos. You will receive an explanation for all corrections.

$5.00/250 words - Standard copyediting.

I will make adjustments or suggestions for consistency of your writing style/voice and awkward phrasing as well as grammar and spelling.

$10.00/250 words - Heavy copyediting.

I will rewrite portions of your material, cut portions of text, and make changes to improve readability, tone, and focus. I will also point out factual errors. All changes made will be explained and further suggestions may be offered.

$20/hour - Developmental editing.

I will work with you through every step of the creative and editorial process. In the case of fiction: You will recieve input on plot ideas, character development, and story elements as well as the written material. For non-fiction: You will recieve assistance in fact-checking, research, and obtaining resources. As this will be an extensive undertaking, I will also help with organization and will expect to have weekly conferences with you in order to ensure that we keep on task.

Payment Information

2500 words or less – I will expect upfront payment.
2500-5000 words – You may pay upfront or a payment plan may be negotiated depending on your word count and situation.
5000+ words – Works that currently total or are expected to total over 5000 words will automatically qualify for a payment plan.
Developmental editing – Fees will be charged at a monthly rate depending on the number of hours spent on the editing process.
If you are requesting a payment plan, we will discuss the terms when you give me your word count or estimate.

Contact me via email, Discord, or Iwaku Inbox!